Deploy your React client-side app with Surge

August 28, 2016

I’m used to using something like Heroku or Digital Ocean to deploy my applications, but I’ve been recently working on mostly client-side applications that talk to an API. With them being separate from the server you can actually deploy your site 100% statically, which means you can put it on something like Github pages. Github pages doesn’t support client-side routing out of the box so I looked into other options. I think it is possible, but thankfully in my search I came across Surge. Surge is a static site deployment service that allows you to deploy any static site in seconds. Literally.

$ npm install -g surge
$ cd myProject
$ surge

And you’re done. Post over. Pretty much.

Another of other thing that surge gives you out the box is collaboration. When you deploy you just add their email:

$ surge --add

They’ll get an email, make an account and now they can deploy to the same URL as you’re deploying to. Pretty sweet!

You can also add your own domain super easily as well. You just need to point your domain to Surge’s servers and then you can just run the same command

$ surge --domain"

And to speed things up I’m saving this as a script in my package.json to do my build and deploy at the same time. This is my usage with the create-react-app build tool.

 "scripts": {
    "deploy": "npm run build && cd build && mv index.html 200.html && surge . --domain"

In my script, I’m also renaming index.html to 200.html so I can take full advantage of client-side routing. If you don’t do this, deep linking to will go to a 404 page, because the entire site is static. It’s trying to look for a /2016/summer.html that doesn’t exist so you need to create a 200.html to catch these requests and let them get there client-side.

That’s the only gotcha really. You get all of this goodness for free so it really makes a great development/staging server. I look forward to possibly trying out their premium options in the future as they make it so goddamn easy to deploy. Headache averted.

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