Starting again - a new site

August 30, 2013

After about two years of my old site being up, I woke up a couple days ago and thought “I’m sick of this - what was I thinking?”, so I’ve torn it down in a rage and decided to start again. I’ve put up the default WordPress 2013 theme for now, minus the header because it made me want to cry and in the next few weeks I’ll be redesigning my site. At the moment I want to focus on the blog, as I want to get back to what I was intending to do - writing. I’ve been super lazy with writing and I hope this move helps me move back to what I initially set out to do by adding the blog to my site last year.

I may move it over to Jekyll or possibly Ghost if it comes out in time, or I might just keep it on WordPress as it’s done the job so far and I know the platform best. And in terms of blogging I’m going to try and write about everything that interests me as that will help me to keep writing. Also I’m not going to worry about depth as much in my posts anymore as some of my posts were reaching in excess of 1000 words and it was pretty time consuming and probably as irritating to read.

Onwards towards a brighter future, and less procrastination.

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