22nd March , 2016


What am I doing right now

Updated 26 March 2018

I'm in Taipei and right now I am:

  • Thinking about balance in regards to health, life and physicality
  • Currently taking on students for private mentorship
  • Freelancing again
  • Climbing three times a week.
  • Started lifting weights to balance out my muscle imbalances
  • Learning VulcanJS, a GraphQL framework
  • Learning GraphQL and Apollo
  • Learning more about testing
  • Updating my npm package with ~200k downloads a month that has been neglected for too long. A testing package called jest-fetch-mock
  • Just bought design code book! Planning on reading one chapter per day from today
  • Thinking about learning d3 and data viz. Been interested in it for too long...
  • Also just listened to a podcast on web animations and greensock, which is also something I've been wanting to learn for ages.
  • 2018 is definitely the year of learning
  • Thinking about learning SVG...